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Vela Medical Pharmacy Technicians

The Unseen Heroes: Elevating Patient Care with Locum Pharmacy Technicians

​In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the unsung heroes often make the most significant ...

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Vela Medical Mental Health Practitioners

Bridging the Gap: The Pivotal Role of Mental Health Practitioners in Primary Care

In the intricate tapestry of primary healthcare, each thread plays a critical role, none more so ...

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Vela Medical Dietitians

​The Essential Role of Dietitians in Primary Care

As primary care evolves, the spotlight on dietitians grows brighter. Gone are the days when g...

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Our Nurses Our Future

Our Nurses: Our Future

​The theme for this year's International Nurses Day, as announced by the International Council of...

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In person or online? Why a remote appointment can sometimes be best.

​There will always be patients who prefer to see their GP or other primary care professional in p...

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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Three words that add up to positive action and genuine benefits in healthcare recruitment.

​Recognising and respecting people’s differences. Ensuring that everyone gets equal opportunities...

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Who cares for the carers? Preventing burnout in primary care.

​Emotional exhaustion. A sense of reduced professional performance. Increased negativity, even cy...

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Primary care is changing. So Vela is changing primary care recruitment.

​There’s a move away from the traditional GP model in primary care.From the Government to the Roy...

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Is it time to show locums a little more love?

​The recent changes in primary care strategy, away from the traditional GP focussed model towards...

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